Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekly WTF - ???

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Remi Kart

Real life mario kart through Paris - Select your player!

Some nut job has re-enacted Mario Kart with real life traffic and as you'd expect its frikkin hilarious!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Only In America

-- from

Ashley Agerenza is a Floridian mum with a desperate need for a spray on tan.

So desperate in fact that she tried to take her seven-month-old baby into Extreme Tan and Smoothies (real place) with her, only to find that infants weren’t welcome.

So she did what any desperately pale mother would do:

1. locked that baby in the car by herself with the engine running
2. attacked the cop who tried to arrest her for negligence
3. took two Taser blasts for her trouble

Sadly the article doesn't confirm if her tan looked great while convulsing on the carpark pavement.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where Are You Judy?

I don't normally post about current articles in the papers but just can't help myself this time. Check out this 'story':

Granted its PerthNow so you need to allow for the added level of unnecessary horror and scare-mongering. I mean, who can forget the gripping article on the fact that its going to be hot this summer - save yourself!

Assuming you've now read the article, it begs a small WTF. I realise that no one may know exactly what happened but you've got the word of a 37 yo Pilbara cop vs a 17 yo who hit the ground hurting her THUMB! yes thumb.

The cop is facing charges of aggravated assault and has been temporarily stood down from duty. Holy hell, what do real assaults get? What if he had have I dunno - ACTUALLY HURT HER. So now we've lost a pilbara cop until the trial and, while his name isn't published, all the boys in khaki will know who it is and his reputation is shot forever.

Can we not enlist a 'Judge Judy' level of government that looks at these cases and stares blankly at the prosecuter before shouting "Get the f$%k outa my office!"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birds Too Angry?

If you have an iPhone, iPad, iTouch or Android, chances are you own the Angry Birds application.

They have released regular updates for it steadily for around a year but mid October they discovered a way to make a few extra $$. Release a new app!

Angry Birds Seasons graced the apple store and was snavvled faster than a donut in the Biggest Loser mansion. Now every Halloween, Christmas etc we can expect a themed update for that holiday but what now?

This week, the original AND seasons were updated in successive days so I'm torn. Which one do I focus my commuting time on? Original or Valentines (yes Valentines, sigh)

I'm not alone, the angry bird nerds around me have also played a bit of both so basically haven't gotten anywhere on either! No one has completed them, seen the golden egg levels or walked proudly around the office sporting a huge smile and proof that they can waste their time too. : )

So I'll put it out there? Completed it yet?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekly WTF - Streeflyer

Ok, its kinda cool and a small part of me wants to have a go but seriously WTF.

Does the world really need a 1.5m wide suspension tricycle?

Is there a reason some of the creative minds of the world are focussed on this useless crap?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

TAF11 - 1 Day To Go!

Dust off the tent, don your apron, dig out the dancing shoes and teach the cat to feed itself - TAF11 is just 1 day away!

True to form I'll try and cover everything but if you have any other questions, get on the blower.

Where: Access is via our left hand gate. There may be small children around the place so please ensure you close the gate behind you and their parents can relax too.

Transport: We're in a cul-de-sac so parking WILL be an issue. Please try not to block our neighbours driveways cos we want to keep them happy so they don't complain later in the day! Edgewater Train station is a really quick 5 min walk so that could be an option to or from TAF11, see attached for the map.

Times: Gate opens @ 10.30am Saturday and 'Play' will be pressed at 11. All encouraged and welcome for the official start through till 10pm when headlining act Tool will close Day 1. Operator Please kick off Day 2 @ 9am through to Mr Butlers 3, close the festival @ 5.30pm.

Line-Up: The line-up/itinerary is complete and attached for your reading. Have also included a festival map so you don't get lost.

Camping: Anyone camping overnight may erect themselves at any stage but expect plenty of abuse and back-seat driving if your erection occurs late. If you are too intoxicated to sustain your erection and help is required, expect the p!ss to be taken out of you until TAF12. The Crystal Lake / Candy Mountain campsites have both have been freshly mowed and weeded so your stay should be pleasant.

Weather: Where do I start! First it was going to be 40+, then it was going to rain all weekend, then hot and now they say its gunna rain again! Here's the current forecast:
Saturday - Afternoon shower - 38
Sunday - Afternoon shower - 36
Keep an eye out on the BOM website for updates but either way it looks like a scorcher so prepare yourselves with a decent hat and sunscreen.

Drinks: Beer will be provided at the 'Ah Yeah' Bar onsite: Bottomless cup for $20 or singles can be purchased on negotiation with the Master Brewer, both can be paid to him on the day. All other beverages are BYO. I will have a huge esky full of ice so if you just have a few softies then there'll be no need to bring an esky if you don't want to.

What to Bring: Remember its BYO everything apart from T.P. and gas so get your tent, meat and drinks ready. All oddball cooking styles and methods strongly encouraged so start marinating and looking for those random novelty aprons now. Might also be an idea to chuck in a pair of tongs too, don't want any burnt snags cos you had to wait! Our local IGA is open all weekend and just a 2 min drive away. Obviously there will be a huge breakfast cook up Sunday morning so bear that in mind if your camping or coming over early. Bring a towel if you plan on showering, deodorant and a clean pair of jocks - remember TAF is a stench free environment.

What NOT to bring: Chairs/Tables - We have heaps!.

In Emergency: If gate-crashing occurs, garden tools, bamboo flares and quick reference verbal abuse cards will be provided to ensure they don't stay very long. There is a strong possibility of police presence so tourists/freeloaders, make sure all your immigration paperwork is up to date.

Hopefully that covers everything but of course don't hesitate to email or call me if you have a question.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekly WTF - Flexitarians

So there's Vegans, Vegetarians and the rest of us..... no no. There's a name for people who are vegos but secretly eat meat all the time!


So 'normal' to easy to remember then?

Meet The Flexitarians